Retail Tenant Directory

Retail Tenant Directory

retail tenant database

The report includes various articles covering topics such as retailers’ expansion plans, what retailers are doing to compete with online shopping, and what other property owners are doing to develop their property. Additionally, you will find up-and-coming concepts to watch out for, as well as an analysis of a recent lease. Also included in the report is a supplemental list of the recently added and updated companies in the Retail Tenants Directory. The retail part of the investment property market is quite special given the types of landlord clients and the tenants you must work with and help.

Retailsphere gives you access to robust retail tenant data to help you quickly and easily fill your vacant retail space with retailers who will thrive. Create the the most comprehensive commercial real estate database in your market. Maintaning your own commercial real estate database is one online bookkeeping of the best ways to create a competitive advantage. Manually add properties or import data from 3rd party research providers. Behind the shopping centre performance equation there will always be preferences for tenant selection, lease terms and conditions, as well as rental standards.

Void Analysis Pro will become a more robust, useful tool as a result of this agreement—one that helps its users narrow their target prospect lists, work more efficiently, and close deals quicker. Add unlimited images and files to your properties for the most complete commercial retail tenant database real estate database. Many of the commercial properties that we professionally manage have spaces that will soon be available. TOK offers the tenants that we represent, early access to some of the best spaces that we know are coming to market in our portfolio.

So, whether you need a custom integration for your own internal system or just want to create a special feature on your website, you can pull out the data you need. You’ll find your interactive website, plans, maps and flyers published with the most recent information – instantly. Your documents will even be updated with the latest market research data. Integration with Oracle RAC enables automatic re-distribution of pluggable database workloads during planned and unplanned downtime, ensuring high availability for customers. Resource manager ensures that each pluggable database eliminates “noisy neighbors” and defends customers against denial-of-service attacks. Applications run unchanged in a pluggable database, making adoption of Oracle Multitenant extremely simple. We’d love to get in touch with you about how we can assist you with your retail real estate needs.

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How do you tell your shopping center’s story to best position it amongst the competition? What does it take to land the brands that are catalysts to the success of a center? What are the strategic considerations for creating a merchandising mix that will result in long-term value? SRS’ retail leasing brokers encompass the knowledge, tools, and relationships you need to fill your center and maximize its value with quality tenants.

If you are working as a ‘retail leasing specialist’, then it is wise to review your prospecting systems and tenant database at the earliest stages. Get to know the owners of the quality properties in your region, and help them with vacancies pending or known. Use your database of retail and shop tenants as the ‘leverage’ to attract landlords with their vacancy lettings and listing requirements.

Contact our agents with your specific requirements to learn about all space availabilities that might fit your needs. Retail Tenant Directory is an online, subscription-based publication of Shopping Center Database Inc. that lists exclusive inside company details for nearly 5,800 active retail chains in the United States. The directory is updated weekly and considered throughout the retail industry to be the most accurate data source available. Our Landlord Representation business is tailored to an Owner’s specific vision for their property. Keeping an Owner’s goals in mind, our marketing campaign’s focus is to identify and deliver the right Tenant. Closely following national and local industry trends, utilizing our broad Tenant database, and keeping a pulse on the shifting retail marketplace, we are able to maximize value for the owner. Our comprehensive commercial real estate information gives you a clear picture of who’s in the market and who’s most likely to move, so you can approach the best tenants to fill your space.

retail tenant database

Build your own proprietary commercial real estate database within ClientLook. Capture property features, availability, images, contacts and more. Venture Retail’s urban advisory service focuses on the needs and requirements of both Retailers and Landlords within the rapidly changing urban marketplace. With our strong local knowledge Accounting Periods and Methods of greater Boston’s various neighborhoods and trade areas, we assist Retailers in sourcing the right locations for their business model. We create value for Landlords by executing a strategic marketing plan, utilizing our experience, relationship network, market knowledge, and extensive Retailer and Tenant database.

Retail Lease Trac’s retail tenant database makes it easy for you to find expanding retailers for your vacant retail space. Send your property email broadcast to buyers and brokers. RLT’s industry-leading retail tenant database will guide you to find and connect with thousands of retailers in your area that are looking to expand, helping your team quickly lease your space and fill vacancies. Void Analysis Pro helps real estate brokers, shopping center owners, and developers identify potential tenants for their shopping centers, and can be used on demand or as part of the robust SiteSeer platform.

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Fill your vacant retail space with currently expanding retailers who are looking for a space like yours. With our always up-to-date commercial real estate tenant leads database you will get expansion plans, demographic information and continuously updated direct contact information. Lepond is an online commercial real estate database of national, regional and local retail tenants, including phone numbers and email addresses of all decision makers by geographical area. Commercial real estate brokers & property managers use this database to locate chain retailers or restaurants to fill their vacancies in shopping centers, malls, and other commercial outlets. This database of leads is vital to the success of any commercial retail space. Tenant/Retailer Representation is one of VRP’s core services. Our service focuses on sourcing the right locations for clients based on their unique needs and requirements.

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  • From local mom-and-pop shops to corporate headquarters for Fortune 500 companies, TOK’s works with every business.
  • The SiteSeer Professional product suite also includes customer intelligence software , a real estate analytics tool , and a territory management tool (Automated Territory Optimization Model ).
  • Web, mobile phone, iPad app, email, PDF, touchscreen and PC – you’ve got it.

Narrow your search even further with our best in class filtering options. Retail Lease Trac gives you access to thousands of currently expanding retailer’s real estate contacts so you can easily market your commercial space. It’s easy to create relationships between people and properties. Connect owners, tenants, property managers, brokers, prospects and more. Track floor-by-floor tenant occupancy with lease expirations.

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They hit the streets, hit the phones and use our marketing platform to create massive exposure for your shopping center. Our retail leasing specialists are truly landlord representatives that do more than put up a leasing sign and wait for calls. They leverage their retailer relationships, retail-only tools and specialized expertise to set your center up for success.

retail tenant database

Get the inside track on tenants in the market, whether they’re growing, downsizing or moving to a new space. Retailsphere has the most accurate retail database in the industry. That’s OK, because our system creates beautifully branded, totally custom documents like nobody’s business. It instantly does the things that normally take hours to complete – templating, typesetting, image cropping and resizing. Even rebranding is simple – just upload your new template, and it does the rest. Once your data is in the Capsule, you can render it out in any document format you like, on-demand.

That is where your retail skills and tenant database is valuable. Pitch your retail leasing services on the basis and depth of your tenant database and contact cycle. It is hard for landlords to avoid an agent with a comprehensive and up to date tenant list. An online resource to provide you with contact information from our list of over 3,000 retailers. The directory is an easy-to-use system with a search function that allows you to filter out what you need in an instant. Search from different criteria including business type, property type, location, and square footage.

Retail Properties to thousands of national, regional and local tenants in a few clicks. Click the button below to be directed to the free access page where you schedule a demo and see how it all works.

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We partner with tenants to help them locate the right space for their business, taking into consideration their customer base, competitors, employee needs, and growth trends. Retail tenant database of expanding retailers with detailed expansion plans. Our directory features over 60 business types to choose from including apparel and accessories, restaurants , banks and credit unions, as well as medical facilities such as urgent care and dentists.

Venture Retail works with Investors, Owners, and Retailers to source acquisitions or sell real estate assets based on their specific strategies. With our industry network and relationships, we are able to creatively negotiate and execute complex transactions and drive maximum value for our clients. The Crittenden Retail Tenants report offers valuable insight into the constantly evolving retail and restaurant industry. With coverage on both a national and regional scope, we ensure to include all of the retailers you have in mind to fill your space.

Market Scope contains share, store counts, and advertising group data for every industry player in the US, plus market demographics, relative strength of chains vs. independents and more. Brokers, owners, inverstors looking for the most efficient way to attract tenants to their property or retail project and easily follow up on every lead. Chain Store Guide has a strict criteria for inclusion to ensure your marketing efforts will have the greatest return on investment. Each company must operate five or more locations with goods or services for resale . Our team of experienced researchers work to find you high-profile retail targets, saving you time and delivering you the information you need for expansion.

Retail Leasing That Lands Key Tenants And Optimizes Your Tenant Mix

For example, you lease a retail space to a new tenant and need marketing materials to reflect the change. Create storage efficient pluggable databases in seconds that mirror full data set copies of the source pluggable database for development and testing environments.

Best Retail Tenant Types For Property Investors

Track sale and lease transactions in the ClientLook comps module and relate those deals to properties. Gain instant access to market info so you’re always informed with everything in one place. From lease renewals to rent analysis, negotiations, consolidations, or relocations, when you engage one of TOK’s agents to represent your interests as a tenant, we will advise you on the best options for your business. To learn more about Void Analysis Pro, visit To learn more about SiteSeer Professional and its full-featured analysis and reporting platform , visit AhmsPro is your service & large database that will help you solve login page related problems. Everyday we analyze a thousands millions of websites and find relevant login pages.

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Since the late 1970s, DMM has evolved from a print directory into an online source of retail data with robust query functions, integrated mapping tools, custom reports, contact lists and licensed datasets. SRS’ retail leasing experts have represented landlords across every major market in the U.S. and in select global markets in more than 5,700 transactions with a value of more than $5.1 billion. We are currently leasing more than 1,000 listings from ground-up development projects to re-tenanting for the optimum merchandising mix. One of the most common pitfalls a tenant encounters is touring properties without hiring a tenant representative. If you plan on hiring a tenant rep, do so in advance of going on a property tour. They can tell you a lot of information about the market and going rents in a particular area. A tenant representation specialist has only one party’s interest in mind – the tenant’s.

We provide real-time market and comparable data, market analysis, and local retail real estate expertise in assisting Retailers with the site selection and leasing process. From detailed demographic, competitive and site analysis, to sophisticated site approval packages, VRP has a strong track record of helping retailers seamlessly execute their real estate strategy. DMM is always actively pushing to expand the dataset and functionality. Inventory listings have exploded in size and breadth to include store locations, site/leasing plans, VIP real estate contacts and so much more. DMM’s network of technology partners advance the evolution from printed directory even further by using shopping center data in their intelligence solutions to provide site location analytics and modeling. Our experts utilize comprehensive local market intelligence while analyzing competitive rental rates and conducting void analyses to uniquely position your center for success.

CoStar’s comprehensive tenant information is verified by the commercial real estate industry’s largest professional research organization. You’ll find the information and data you need to anticipate tenant activity, target prospects and fill properties. Access the retail tenant data you need to make the best leasing decisions and let our research team fill in any gaps. Put in your information on the following form page to get started with your free access today. Find out exactly how to find retail tenants for your shopping centers or any vacant retail and restaurant spaces.

Match your vacant retail space’s criteria (Retail Tenant Categories, Square Footages, USA States/Canadian Provinces, Building Types, etc.) to currently expanding retail leasing tenants already looking for a space like yours. TOK offers their tenant clients access to market information that is updated daily by their experienced research team. Powered by our in-house proprietary database we can connect your businesses’ requirements to office space that fits your needs, across the Northwest. We provide real-time local-market insight and experience that delivers strong outcomes for our tenant clients. The Street Retail Team is led by Adam Russ and Erin Green and was formed to offer new and existing clients a clearing house for their multi-tenant street retail assets. With a strong national network of Broker and Development partners, VRP has the capability to assist retailers in executing a regional or national real estate program while streamlining and simplifying the process.

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