10 Online Forensic Accounting Programs

10 Online Forensic Accounting Programs

forensic accounting certification

For accountants interested in criminal justice, pursuing a forensic accounting specialization is a logical and exciting career opportunity. Online forensic accounting programs have expanded to allow students to maintain their current jobs while earning a certificate or degree.

forensic accounting certification

Administered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners , it’s considered the world’s largest anti-fraud organization. Financial managers and other investment professionals can pursue credentials such as the CFA Institute’s chartered financial analyst certification. Experienced financial managers can assume C-Suite positions such as chief financial officer. Top executives make a median annual salary of $107,680, and often make much more depending on the company.

Certificate Programs

It is also the only fraud program with an experiential learning component offered as a for-credit option. Candidates for the certified forensic accountant exam must hold a CPA license or the international equivalent. They must demonstrate two years of accounting or auditing experience and register with a State Board of Accountancy. According to the BLS, accountants with bachelor’s degrees and limited experience earn a median annual salary of $73,560. Candidates with in-demand credentials, such as the CFE and CPA, may earn higher salaries.

  • As businesses face increased scrutiny and profit loss from fraudulent activities, the demand for accounting professionals with experience in fraud examination and litigation support is growing.
  • Students local to the Fort Lauderdale area can also attend live lectures on-campus or virtually once per week on Saturdays in addition to live-streamed lectures offered during the workweek.
  • The BLS also notes that accountants and auditors who have earned professional recognition should have an advantage in the job market.
  • The student’s progress on the PGAIP will guide the program when making decisions on academic exclusion or appeal for reinstatement.

Kick off your finance career with one of these affordable online accounting degrees. Certified Valuation Analyst or Accredited Valuation Analyst from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts , an organization that supports professionals involved in valuations, financial forensics, and related advisory services. Almost all forensic accountants are CPAs, and becoming a forensic accountant today almost always requires a CPA license. Forensic accountants can also obtain other credentials that enhance their professional status. A compliance audit reviews how well an organization is complying with legal and regulatory guidelines.

Becoming A Forensic Accountant

A graduate certificate is awarded upon completion of this program, which can take six to 12 months to complete. The online forensic accounting certificate can introduce you to a range of advanced forensic accounting and fraud examination topics, including legal aspects of fraud and the role of technology in detection and prevention. Some work in law enforcement, conducting criminal and civil investigations into crimes like illegal financial transactions and embezzlement. Forensic accountants can also work as fraud examiners and certified public accountants , reviewing financial documents to resolve civil disputes. The needs for digital forensic experts are growing in corporations, accounting and law firms, insurance companies and law enforcement.

Admission to the program is competitive and decisions are made shortly after a complete application has been received. Since seats are filled as decisions are made, applicants are encouraged to complete their application as soon as possible so that there is enough time to address any application deficiencies well ahead of the final deadline. Must be enrolled during the semester in which the certificate requirements are completed. Current students are encouraged to use the College Catalog and Student Planning Degree Audit to help make educated, accurate choices when selecting courses. Broadcasting local, national, and international shows, the College’s television facilities feature a TV-Studio, which produces original programming. Undergraduate major in AccountingORadvanced coursework/professional work experience in Accounting. From the moment a student approaches Stevenson University Online, they receive one-on-one guidance and support.

Forensic Accounting Salary

They also are employed by smaller firms that offer forensic accounting services, as well as government law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, the IRS, the SEC, or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. In order to earn a CPA designation, you’ll need to earn a total of 150 credits from an accredited college or university, as well as pass the CPA exam offered by the American Institute of CPAs . To give you an idea of the amount of educational investment it takes to become a CPA, it typically takes 120 credits to complete a bachelor’s degree, while a master’s degree often requires an additional credits to complete. Forensic accountants can work within more traditional financial sector businesses, such as public accounting firms, insurance companies, or banks. Due to their unique skill set, forensic accountants can also be called upon to testify in court as expert witnesses in cases of fraud or embezzlement.

forensic accounting certification

Students who pursue the experiential fraud program also have the ability to have their experience pay a portion of their tuition or student loans through the AmeriCorps program at SU. Students who successfully complete 300 hours of investigative service and training are eligible to receive an educational award estimated at $1,400 per academic year. Students also have the option to be employed full time conducting fraud examinations over summer break or upon graduation for a larger AmeriCorps stipend, serving in a full-time position as a special investigator. SU’s program trains students with the people skills to conduct investigations, interview witnesses and confront suspects in a variety of environments, ranging from small towns to the offices of the Fortune 500. Technology and data analysis skills also are needed to find evidence or insight. Fraud students at SU will be equipped with both skillsets through experiential learning and practical training in real-life settings.

Parker Graduate Academic Intervention Policy

The three-course sequence includes principles of forensic accounting, fraud prevention and detection, and introduction to computer forensics. The University of North Carolina is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Originally founded as an accounting school, Southern New Hampshire University has been conferring accounting degrees since 1932. These days, SNHU offers an online master of science with a concentration in forensic accounting and trains students to apply forensic accounting principles with the intent of upholding the law and prosecuting white-collar crime. The curriculum aligns with the Content and Skills Specification Outlines (CSOs/SSOs) set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants . The 4 classes in the online forensic accounting certificate program also transfer into SNHU’s MS in Accounting with a concentration in Forensic Accounting, leaving you with only 8 classes to complete a full master’s degree. Forensic accountants should have at least one year of accounting experience.

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In terms of civil cases, forensic accountants may work with lawyers to lend their expertise to uncover or support evidence in personal and/or corporate matters. They may be called upon in cases such as car accidents or medical malpractice disputes where a party may need to assign an exact number to damages to determine compensation. They can also be brought in to assist with divorce settlements, bankruptcy proceedings, or disputes surrounding corporate acquisitions. In these types of cases, they use their skills to search for hidden assets or for breaches of contract. A forensic accountant uses accounting and analytical skills to investigate financial transactions of a person or business. They are often relied upon as experts in legal cases that deal with financial fraud or embezzlement.

Why Snhu For Your Graduate Certificate In Forensic Accounting

The government agency also notes that the employment rate of accountants and auditors is directly tied to the growth of the economy, requiring more professionals with the ability to examine and review financial records. In a recent arbitration case, I was qualified as a forensic accountant on direct examination by counsel for the plaintiff, and then cross-examined by counsel for the defendant. There I was able to withstand a barrage of questions over my report, in which I found indicia of fraud. Even the arbitrator asked questions about my findings in a way that led the plaintiff’s counsel and me to feel very positive about the direction of the case. My first testifying experience was also positive, albeit with much more insecurity and anxiety. The attorney for whom I was working was very helpful and encouraged me to relax and state my findings, which resulted in a victory for my client.

How many forensic accountants are in the FBI?

Today, the FBI employs about 600 forensic accountants, more than 40% of whom are CPAs (for more details, see “CPAs and Forensic Accountants in the FBI”). Forty-one FBI agents hold the AICPA Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential, according to the AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services Section.

Dig deeper into the world of investigative accounting by enrolling in the online Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Graduate Certificate at Southern New Hampshire University. Gain an eye for detail with a background in accounting basics and legal concepts while you learn from faculty with real-world forensic accounting expertise. Students pursuing degrees in forensic accounting may build hands-on experience through accounting internships and practicums. CIA candidates must pass an exam that tests auditing essentials, practice, and business knowledge for internal auditing. Accountants may pursue a master’s degree to enhance their skills and marketability.

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Learn more about the Department of Accounting and Legal Studies, including our faculty, in-depth program information and student resources. For accounting and non-accounting majors, this program also prepares students to sit for the Certified Fraud Examiner examination. The ACFE certification has several requirements , but North faculty have designed the program to focus on the areas that are tested and give students a good foundation for the exam. The best forensic accounting certification is the one that gives you both the skills you need and the recognition from employers. Forensic accounting is a specialized form of accounting that typically revolves around financial disputes or fraud. These accountants investigate and audit accounts and records to help others either come to an agreement or be brought to trial.

Earning a master’s degree takes two years, while passing all parts of the CPA exam can take up to 18 months. Forensic accounting has been around for years – the IRS reportedly used a forensic accountant to catch Al Capone for tax evasion when the FBI was unable to convict Capone of other crimes.

Graduate students can also contact the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies for more information about their program director. The Barnegat Bay Partnership is a partnership of federal, state, municipal, academic, business, and private organizations working together to help restore, protect, and enhance the natural resources of the Barnegat Bay ecosystem. Strengthen your credentials and earn a degree in under two years at the graduate level with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate. By electing to become a member of the Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants, you show your forensic accounting defined commitment to the forensic accounting profession and agree to abide by the Institute’s Professional Standards. Have had undergraduate training in business and/or have been employed at least one year in a business enterprise. You learn directly from our highly qualified faculty, many of whom are noted experts in their field and often serve as expert witnesses in court cases. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred; however, provisional admission is also possible if you do not meet all of the admission criteria but exhibit a strong possibility of academic success.

Can I take the CFE exam without experience?

In order to be certified, a candidate must have a minimum of two years professional experience and 50 points. … Candidates lacking two years of professional experience can still take the CFE Exam as long as they have a minimum of 40 total qualifying points.

To help CPAs expand their skills, here are 10 top online forensic accounting programs that offer graduate certificates or master’s degrees in forensic accounting. These top-ranked online forensic accounting programs do not compromise quality when it comes to delivering high instruction standards.

International Student Requirements

Forensic accountants need to be able to follow a digital trail just as well as a paper trail. The report indicates employment in forensic accounting grew at an annualized rate of 18% from 2012 to 2017, and projects continued growth in the sector in coming years. For true career pioneers, those with an entrepreneurial spirit, leading the firm in a new direction could generate significant new billings, leading to lucrative financial benefits. With risk comes reward; sometimes the best ideas are those shared with the team, so they can be converted to salable services with strong economic potential. Most firms will embrace new services as long as they are projected to be accretive to earnings. Giving voice to an emerging interest can ensure a lifelong career of excitement and prevent early burnout. Learning new things is an excellent way of keeping the mind young and supple, and adding credentials increases one’s value to one’s firm and its clients, as well as the ability to be an effective mentor and, eventually, business developer.

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